About Us

Welcome to Calvary Murrieta Christian Preschool!

Our Purpose

Calvary Murrieta Christian Preschool is a Christ-centered school with Christian educational goals and objectives. We are a part of the overall ministry of Calvary Chapel Murrieta and exist as an outreach to the families and children in the community. Our mission is to partner with parents to provide a loving, nurturing, Christian environment for young children.


Our Goals

Our goals for children attending Calvary Murrieta Christian Preschool are:

  • To know they are beautifully and wonderfully made, unique, special, and that Jesus loves them
  • To maintain a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment
  • To facilitate learning through hands-on activities and learning experiences
  • To respect children’s uniqueness and recognize and celebrate their individual differences
  • To create a trusting, predictable environment
  • To develop an environment that says “YES” to exploring, experimenting, discovering, having fun with friends and being a child!
  • To emphasize the “process” (which is the immersion in the “doing”) rather than the “product”
  • To use positive language
  • To model empathy and compassion
  • To encourage children to take risk
  • To help children make a balance of choices
  • To keep a sense of humor and create laughter
  • To provide a “child-centered program” which develops from the interests of the children as well as successfully planned and implemented units
  • To cultivate curriculum which is continually developed and revised to ensure a variety of developmentally appropri

Philosophy of Education

Young children learn by actively participating, exploring, discovering and interacting with real things and having caring people around them. Our program is designed to engage children in active learning experiences that enhance their overall development. God is central to our educational approach and all teaching is Christ-centered.

Our program provides consistent, but flexible daily schedules that help children feel safe and secure. When the daily schedule suits the developmental and individual needs of the children, classroom life proceeds smoothly and is enjoyable for everyone. Our highly-qualified teachers provide a balance of playtime and structured learning opportunities. Children will spend time in both active learning of their own choosing; learning specific skills and information in small group settings with teacher direction and assistance, and participate in large group activities to build cooperative play with others. Children will participate in active learning through free choice play, exploring objects, ideas and nature, acting out roles, singing songs, reading books, using art materials, playing outdoors, and learning academic skills in structured small group settings.


What Makes Us Different

At Calvary Murrieta Christian Preschool, we offer the high-quality program you expect. Here are some of the features that make us stand out from the rest:

  • We hire only Christian staff who love the Lord and share that love with your child and family
  • We pray for your child and family on a regular basis
  • We teach your children how to pray
  • We integrate the Bible into daily activities and lessons
  • We hire only experienced and educated teachers who hold degrees, have early childhood education experience, and have classroom teaching experience
  • We invest in our staff by supporting continuing education, monthly in-service training for staff, professional development work days for staff and attending the ACSI Early Childhood Convention annually.
  • We build relationships with families
  • We offer low teacher to student ratios of 1:9 (Certain times the ratio is 1:6)
  • We understand how young children learn and create an environment where they can be successful
  • We provide fun learning centers with hands-on activities
  • We offer spacious classrooms that are neat and clean
  • We have a large outdoor play space with a variety of sensory materials for children to experience and build their fine and gross motor skills and coordination
  • We are here to serve you!

Career Opportunities

The preschool is hiring substitute teachers and is accepting applications for part-time preschool teacher’s aides. Please email your resume and transcripts to adunn@cmcsweb.com. If you have any questions, you may contact Amber Dunn at 951-691-4900.